Flickr adds new ways to search photos


Yahoo owned Flickr app has added features to make it easier for users to manage and search for photos.

Users can now find photos more quickly, new search filter lets users search by colors in a photo, such as a pink sunset.

Yahoo acquired the service in 2004 for $25 million. The company competes with other players in the photo-sharing market, including Amazon, Apple, Dropbox Facebook and Google.


Flickr introduced a feature called Camera Roll, which lets users easily browse their entire library of photos chronologically. The service gives every user a terabyte of space, enough for about 500,000 photos.

Flickr also unveiled new features for sorting photos. Flickr’s Magic View technology will automatically categorize the pictures by what’s in them. It can group together shots of animals, or black and white photos. It can also group screenshots.

The ability to search by color is only available on the Web version of the service.

The company also launched the new versions of its mobile apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, and devices running Android, Google’s mobile operating system.

The company said image recognition technology makes it easier to find photos even if the users didn’t provide extra information when you uploaded them.


Vishal Kawadkar

[email protected]