Cristiano Ronaldo joins Hugo for mobile game

ronaldo mobile game

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo teams up with Hugo the Troll in Ronaldo&Hugo: Superstar Skaters – a new mobile game out now on mobile phones and tablets on both Android and Apple iOS.

Ronaldo&Hugo: Superstar Skaters sets the player fleeing from the forever chasing Paparazzi Pete through a colourful world.

ronaldo mobile game

Ronaldo&Hugo: Superstar Skaters sports HD graphic set in the streets of Las Vegas! Players will be able to experience Las Vegas during days and nights.

The developers promises lots of challenges and the ability to customize the two superstars with cool clothing, glasses and shoes.

The new action adventure is available starting today on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

“We achieved more than 25 million downloads of the first mobile games starring Hugo the Troll, thanks to great games and a strong brand. We have no doubt that Hugo the Troll has the potential to become the worlds greatest gaming character – especially with Cristiano Ronaldo at his side.” said Henrik Kølle, founder and CEO of Hugo Games.


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