Smartwatch market to reach 101 million units in 2020

Smartwatch trends

The shipment of smartwatch will rise to 101 million units in 2020 from 3.6 million units in 2014, says IHS in its new report.

Apple watch explains its benefits clearly in the market to benefit all smartwatch suppliers.

According to the report, as the Apple Watch requires an iPhone and has starting price of $349 USD it will leave an enormous market untapped.

Smartwatch trends

Report has also mentioned Apple Watch shipments will reach 19 million
units or 56 percent of the total smartwatch market in 2015.

Android smartwatch makers will target the customers who are not
interested to invest so much on a smartwatch.

But the report predicted that Apple’s market share in 2020 will
decrease to 38 percent.

The reason Apple Watch market will decrease is that other companies
are refining their smartwatch and the two billion Android smartphone
users which Apple will not address.

IHS also said Google’s Android Wear will ship 96 million units over
the next five years, leveraging the vast Android smartphone installed

Apple provides quality and range of apps for iOS devices such as
iPhone and iPad which makes it important in smartwatches.

On the other side, Google has a head start because of the Google Play
Android app store.

IHS forecasts other smartwatch OS devices, excluding Apple and Android
Wear, will amount to 40 percent of smartwatch shipments in 2020.

“The smartwatch will become a key accessory device offered by most
leading smartphone manufacturers seeking to dominate this new
profitable market,” said Antonios Maroulis, analyst at IHS Technology.

Last year, IHS predicted shipments of wearable devices for
infotainment applications will rise by 155 percent to 130.7 million
units in 2018 from 51.2 million in 2013.