Samsung launches Radiant360 R7 wireless speakers


Samsung today launched its  Wireless Audio Radiant 360 R7 speaker. The radical new design allows users to experience sound without the traditional placement requirements.

The new speaker uses company’s “Ring Radiator” technology delivering a rich audio experience with balanced room-filling sound.


The R7 delivers 360 degrees of omnidirectional sound due to its sleek oval-shaped sculptured design.

The speakers also work with Samsung’s new Multiroom App 2.0, which allows to share music across connected devices in the home, while its user interface both simplifies and transforms the listening experience.

Both Android as well as iOS users can download the Multiroom app and listen music on multiple Wi-Fi-connected devices.

The Multiroom App 2.0 makes it possible to easily control speakers, music sources and playlists, while simultaneously browsing music library– all in one place.

The R7 can also connect to select Samsung TVs, select soundbars and mobile devices.

The R7 is a location free speaker that delivers sound balance and quality inside and outside the home.

With Multiroom Link, the R7 can connect to Samsung’s ecosystem of multi-room audio products all controlled by user’s mobile device. The R7 will be available this month at a price of $499.99.


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