Genius launches NetScroll 120 optical mouse

genius mouse

Genius, manufacturers of computer peripherals and smart phone accessories, has announced the launch of its optical mouse- the NetScroll 120.

Designed for comfortable either hand fit, the optical mouse provides enhanced precision with its 800 dpi optical sensor.

genius mouse

The NetScroll 120 also prevents dust accumulation and comes with 3 buttons, and feels comfortable even after long hours of use.

‘The product eliminates the need for cleaning   and is one of the few mouse brands that support PS/2 technology, providing universal motherboard&OS compatibility and minimising driver issues. These are the product’s two biggest USP’s.We are quite positive that it will appeal to all our stakeholders and reiterate our position as a market leader in mouse/keyboard segment.’ said Gaurav Mathur, Country Head (India), Genius.

Priced at Rs.275, the Net scroll 120 is available in stunning Black and comes with a warranty of 3 years.

The product is available at over 10,000 plus retail outlets of all formats and all sites including Flipkart, Sanpdeal, Amazon and E-bay among others.


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