Apple employees rewarded with 50% off on Apple Watch

Apple watch launched

Apple will start taking the pre-orders for its Apple Watch starting April 10. The device was showcased in September alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple CEO Tim Cook this week made an announcement that will make it much easier for employees to sell the new product.

Apple watch launched

Cook revealed that all Apple employees will receive 50 percent off any Apple Watch or Apple Watch Sport beginning on Friday.

This also indicates that the company might have enough stock at the launch. It also means that Apple is confident that it can meet the demand.

Apple has never offered discounts to its employees on products like iPads or Macs for several months after launch.

This can be company’s strategy, that owning an Apple Watch will make it easier for the employee to sell it.

It will be helpful for Apple Retail Store staff, who will be helping customers try on the Watch and determine which style is best for them.

Apple offering half off its brand new product, allowing employees to buy during the same pre-order period as customers.


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